Friday, October 31, 2008

Film project 3: Slayers of Evil

Besides Goblin Wood and The King Who Sought Immortality, which were pretty much unplanned, there was actually a planned film project for the summer of 2008: Slayers of Evil. This film came out of a nostalgic yearning to go back to the roots of fantasy role-playing. I'm old enough to remember when the wizards of Dungeons & Dragons hade pointy hats and the elves looked like Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. I wanted to make a film in celebration of that style, and so wanted my LARP pal Martin Merkel.

We put our heads together to make a humorous quest fantasy, and quickly decided on a trio of heroes; The wizard, the elf and the barbarian princess. A dwarf was, of course, also obligatory, but we eventually skipped him. My old amateur video buddy Rolf Berg would play the wizard, Martin would dress up in tights as the elf, and acting and dancer friend Malin Hermansson would fill out the scant outfit of the barbarian princess. My workmate Agneta Rapp-Svennson was also added as a pseudo-evil sorceress.

The filming was spread out over a period of three days, and everything went surprisingly well. The entire project was shot against a blue screen, so fanciful landscapes and gloomy dungeons can be added behind the actors. Not to mention enable them to interact easier with hordes of animated monsters. Yes; there will be goblins, sword-wielding skeletons, trolls, things with tentacles and other assorted beings with scales, teeth and claws. Stay tuned, kids, stay tuned!

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davidgeister said...

Richard - What is happening with "Slayers of Evil"?