Friday, October 31, 2008

Film project 1: Goblin Wood

Actually, I've been so busy doing the stuff I'm supposed to blog about, I haven't had any time to blog about them! The past months in short: I made three films this summer, built props for a stage adaptation of Dracula and made illustrations for three books to be published in the US. Not a bad track record, I think! I'm also continually helping Danny Lenneer in his film projects.

BUT starting off with the first little film project, Goblin Wood. My old friend Björn Karlsson lives in Stockholm with girlfriend Lisa and step-daughter Anjelica, but always comes down to the south of Sweden each summer for a visit. We all went to see Prince Caspian and were so inspired that we decided to do a short-short fantasy film with 9-year old Anjelica.

So in record time my costume-making friend Liz put together an elven shirt and I did a couple of pointy ears. I had already bought a pair of green tights for another film project and I borrowed a quiver and some arrows from my LARPing friend Martin. Björn made a simple but effective bow out of a branch from a juniper shrub. We went off into the deep woods and shot the whole thing in one afternoon. It turned out great! Anjelica was very good and the weather was perfect.

I've promised to have the film ready and out on YouTube before Christmas, and I believe I'll make it. There will be animated goblins and some other weird creatures added and I'm still working on those, but I think the schedule will hold. Stay tuned!

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Shelley Noble said...

Love seeing this crazily. Anjelica was superb! What fun!