Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Lone Animator Is Also On DeviantArt

I can't remember if I've mentioned my DeviantArt gallery before, but I'd like to direct your attention to it, for it represents my other big passion besides puppets and film making -illustration.

I fill my gallery with monster movie fan art, illustrations of classic and pulp horror literature, and also some neat photos of my puppets and sculptures.
Some examples:

Romana encounters the wood beast in the Doctor Who serial "Androids of Tara."

Fishhead from the story of the same name by Irvin S Cobb.

 IT, vs Robot Monster; two b-movie legends slug it out!

Edgar Allan Poe's "Murders In the Rue Morgue."

Gamera vs Barugon at Lake Biwa.

Monster shenanigans in the crazy Mexican movie "Ship of Monsters."

So do stop by and have a peek at what I do when I'm not building rubber monsters:

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