Monday, March 31, 2014

The Lovecraft Alphabet: Effects and Animations

Here's a little video with me babbling on about how stuff was made for "The Lovecraft Alphabet". Hope you enjoy it and get inspired :)


Ken C. Tyner said...

Very nice! I liked all the creatures! You did a great job!

Richard Svensson said...

Thank you! :) Lots of work, though..

Kelston Hubler said...

You rock, man!

Your work insider me to create my own blog, Hublerdon, on stop motion, and now I'm doing a dinosaur film!

Kelston Hubler

Richard Svensson said...

Hi Kelston!
That's great!Good luck with your dinosaur film, and thanks for letting me know about your blog. It's shockful of imagination!

Kelston Hubler said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Thanks for talking about the pyrotechnics website, might use it sometime.

For my dinosaur Ray's head, I simply covered the foam head in many dots of hot glue then painted it over with latex. Creates a very warty head!

I also use erector set armatures with locknuts for puppets that need to walk a lot. I also use hot glue for the armature parts that don't move. It can also be used (in small amounts) to make hard skin!

Great talking to you.

Kelston Hubler