Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beans vs Aliens

 Remember that I posted about a video project I did with the group of disabled people I work with in my day job? Here's the finished video. It's in Swedish, but I think you can follow along despite this. If you know the title is "Beans vs Aliens", I think you'll figure out the basic plot of the story! "Bruna b├Ânor" = Brown beans. The nasty aliens find out that invading Earth might be a bad idea, since mankind seems to have a built-in weapon..


David P. Geister said...

Hurrah for the Brown Beans!!

Kelston Hubler said...

I like your work! My favorite work of yours is "scary UFO", possibly the funniest thing on YouTube, "shadow out of time", a beautiful rendition of Lovecraft's work, and "the king who sough immortality", the first time the Sirrush has been brought to the screen! Thank you!

I even have my own blog:

You're awesome!

Kelston Hubler, 14

Stop motion animator