Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Long time no see...

I thought I ought to post something on my blog to, at least, show some vital life signs. The truth is I've been incredibly busy making stuff for other people than myself. The past six months have raced by! Mostly, I've actually been making masks and props for Star Trek fans. I'm a Trekkie myself, and not the least ashamed to admit it, and very interested in the craft behind the shows and movies.

So the truth is I HAVE been blogging about my work, just not here for a while. In order not to repost any info I'll just redirect you to my Trekspace Blog Archive. There you can read detailed accounts about making Klingon skulls, Gorn babies and other weird, but fun, projects.

Also, I've been making (and still am making) fake rats, decapitated heads and latex swords for Castle Kalmar in Sweden. They're having lots of activities for kids this summer and they're gearing up with props and stuff. It's a fun project and they pay me well, so I'm happy to be a part of it. There will be images of this work shortly.

And my film projects are coming along slowly.. slowly..


a guy in a gorilla suit said...

Holy.... whatever !

It's very encouraging and inspiring to see you so super-busy. And these masks, this skulls, all this... Freaking me out - really really really well done !!!

Anonymous said...


Emily said...

Amazing! I'm a trekkie too and love seeing all the work that went into that show - the Cardassian makeup is perfect!
And the baby Gorn is beyond awesome :)

Richard Svensson said...

Thanks, all of you :)

Emmymine; are you on Trekspace as well, or on some other social network for Trekkies? I find I'm spending far too much time on the forums and posting silly stuff. But the love from other fans is buttered on thickly, so I am getting something nice out of it all.