Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goblin Wood Trailer

I made this little trailer last night for my friends who helped me make this film. As of yet, they've seen naught from the post-production except stills. Hopefully I'll get the finished film up pretty soon. Still have some intricate soundwork to do.

I'm pretty disappointed with how my vids turn out on YouTube. They're often blurry and "jumpy". My animation often looks like crap, which bothers me more than anything else. I'll seek counsel with one of my mates, who's a lot more successful with his uploads. So the linked-in version you can see here is quite shitty. Go to the trailer on YouTube instead and see if you have the "HQ" button in the lower right corner of the YouTube viewscreen. Click that and the film will at least look decent.


Shelley Noble said...

God, how I love the opening with the young blond hunter in the beautiful woods. So gorgeous.

Emily said...

I loved it! Really has a great feel to it - and gotta say, even the low-rez version is alot better looking than some of what I've seen on tv - awesome to see your characters move!

Richard Svensson said...

Thank you both!
Yes, as you can see there are some pretty areas around where I live. You can't have a better backdrop than a real location if you can find it. As an example of this, check out the film "The Fall" by Tarsem. There are almost no computer effects in that one; just real places and real people. It probably doesn't show here, but the little hunter is an elf, with pointy ears.

Thanks; I hope there is a distinct atmosphere to it. The point has not been to make it naturalistic, but hyper-real (as a friend of mine likes to say) as films should be.

a guy in a gorilla suit said...

Nicley filmed, and the woods are like a dream. Amazing. And then, the dragonfly ! Wa-hooo !!! It was great to see the goblins again, but of all you awesome to really impressing designs and characters, the dragonfly is my absolute favourite ! And it spits frie too !!! About the video quality - do you know Vimeo ( ? The quality there somehow alwys looks 'better', I don't know how to explain, but for me it is so. Further, when you switch to 'fullscreen' there, you can switch scaling on and off, so that the picutre doesn't get streteched or blurry, and then is embedded in a black frame. Might be worth a look.

And did I mention, the the Alien from the 'Scary UFO' video is one of the weirdest and funniest aliens I came evr across... =)

Richard Svensson said...

Glad you like my stuff! I try to make it as personal as I can.

I haven't tried Vimeo yet, but I browsed through the site. Could definitely be worth a try! The good thing about YouTube is the exposure. I doesn't matter if the vids look like crap or not; people still come there to watch.

jriggity said...

This is Great man!

you are a serious talent on so many levels.


Richard Svensson said...

Thanks! I do appreciate that.