Friday, May 23, 2008

Fantastic Plastic

Mini-statue making is probably my new hobby! I thought I'd show off a couple of other things besides the Tsathoggua statue that I did. This is a model of the ugly, brutish fish-thing said to inhabit Lake Myllesjön in southernmost Sweden. Many a brave man, including my grandmother's uncle, tried to capture it, but failed. The model began life as a sculpture in Chavant clay. A silicone mold was then made and plastic resin was used to cast the final model. It's painted with acrylic airbrush paints and some model hobby paint. The entire model is about 25 cm long.

This Valentine´s Day gargoyle is a four inch statue cast in plastic resin from a Chavant clay sculpture. This little fellow was made for a special friend's birthday.

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