Saturday, May 23, 2015

Making A Friendly Welcome Video

YouTube itself is very active in recommending things for you, including what the next clip you view should be, and how you can improve on your YouTube presence. The latter is, of course, a good thing, and I'm finally taking some advice to heart.
Among the recommendations from the YouTube staff is that you make an introductory video for those who visit your channel for the first time. It's a polite thing to do,  but more importantly, you give the first time visitor a quick overview of your channel content and the general tone of the channel itself. This is where you come in as a personal host, if you will. People in general seem to be very curious about who's behind the stuff they watch on YouTube, and this is something you can take advantage of to really set the tone for everything people watch after having seen your introductory video, especially if you're a funny or gregarious person.
I'm probably not either of those types, but because my puppet-making craft and my animations, if not unique, are at least rare and have a novelty value, my YouTube channel has something that sets it apart from many others. So I hope my YouTube welcoming video reflect that. Enjoy!


Kelston Hubler said...

Great video! Remember seeing this on your channel a while back.

How's it going on your dinosaur project? What kinds of creatures will be showing up?

ARARANKHA is delayed at the moment, though the manuscript is complete. It just needs an editor. I'm currently working on a graphic novel involving Dinosauroids. I might post it on my blog.

Nice to hear from you again,

Kelston Hubler

Richard Svensson said...

Hi Kelston!
I've been very busy at my dayjob, with lots of overtime the last month. And it's not slowing down for another few weeks. So, the dino project is on the backburner right now. So far it will feature some old school Brontosaurs in a swamp, pterodactyls, an Ankylosaur (of yet undecided species) and a T-rex confronting a herd of Styracosaurs.
As always I wish you all the best with the developement of your own projects :)