Friday, September 23, 2011

Puppets by Request: Kong and the Cyclops

I am asked more and more often to make puppets for other animators, which is fun, but also steals time from my own projects. At the same time it's interesting to try and recreate the look of classic movie monsters. It's a lot harder than I initially thought.
Right now I'm working on a on a King King puppet, which will be just under a foot tall. As you may know, that is smaller than the original 1933 puppet by Marcel Delgado. The client sent me a ball and socket armature that he used for another puppet a while back. I modified this armature and will be using it for Kong.

I've done two face sculptures; One slightly rounded, which is the one I've picked for this armature, and one slightly elongated and a bit bigger. Right now the head I prefer has red "eyes". I touched them up in a few images to get a better look at what they might look like finished. Also, the teeth are just put there for a quick look.

 Also, you might recognize this fellow, which is being made for another client:

Again, the teeth are just there for show at the moment, and the eye will, of course, be replaced with a realistic one.


Ben Whitehouse said...

Fantastic work! Top notch sculpting!

BlacknickSculpture said...

Great looking sculpts Richard! The expression of the short face Kong reminds me of the publicity photo of Kong battling the Pteradon.

Can't wait to see these projects as they progress!

Richard Svensson said...

Thanks for your comments, both of you! Right now I'm discussing with my "clients" about the details of their puppets. There will be updates about how Kong and the cyclops turn out during the next month.

McTodd said...

Hell's bells, what magnificent sculpting! I shall be keeping a close eye on these projects!

Anim8Angus said...

Fantastic work Richard! Just one question, how did you get the rounded scales on the Cyclops' skin? I'm having difficulty getting them looking right on my sculpt.