Saturday, October 9, 2010

The King Who Sought Immortality: Building a Monster Puppet.

When I built the puppets for this film, I decided to film the process of making one of them. I did forget to film some steps, but most of it is there:

I believe you can see the clips with a better quality at my YouTube channel.


JON said...

Oh man! Thank you so much for posting these videos and for sharing your creative process! These are some of the BEST puppet building tutorials I've ever seen! I've learned so much from this.

Jeff Lafferty said...

I'm with Jon on this one these videos are awesome!!!

Vincent T├ętreault said...

I need to watch them over and over again. They are really cool and well explained. You are so skilled and talented. Thank you so much to share that "know-how".

Richard Svensson said...

Thanks all of you for watching! I'm happy to hear that you could take something useful from these clips. Everyone seems to have their own favorite puppet-making materials. These are mine, since they're fast to use and cheap.

StopmoNick said...

Hi Richard - I haven't visited your blog for a while - what a lot of excellent work you have been doing!
I really like the King who Sought Immortality sets and characters - especially the crocodogs!

Olav Marahrens said...

Hi Richard,
it was a pleasure to watch your videos. Awesome work man! Keep it up:-)! Cheers